How I Work

Psychotherapy that aims to change your life in deep ways is no “quick fix.”  Lasting positive changes occur in the context of an ongoing, trusting relationship between an empathic therapist and a dedicated client.  Honest, authentic communication and deep listening contribute to healing and self-esteem.

C. G. Jung (1875-1961) was one of the first depth psychologists to recognize that the most important factor to positive therapeutic outcome is a collaborative relationship between client and therapist.

He also said richly feelingful and meaningful conversations are the medium through which growth and healing occur.  This does not mean talking from the surface of your mind, as in ordinary conversations.  Psychotherapy is healing to the degree that you access your feelings and turn inward for wisdom and guidance.  To help you do this, I too must be open, sincere, and truthful.

Your job is to say what you want when you want to say it.  Talk as honestly as you can about whatever is important to you and keep connecting with the truth within yourself.  If you like, tell me your dreams.  My job is to listen (and keep listening) and offer you my feelings, ideas, and intuitions.  You will find that I am present, related, and authentic in my way of being with you.  Together we will bring to light the unconscious patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that work against you.  To outgrow these stubborn patterns we’ll seek the guidance of your innate inner wisdom.

The journey may be hard work at times.  It can also be playful and humorous.  Clients often tell me they feel supported and unburdened.  Their sense of freedom and personal power expands.  Love and work seem richer and more fulfilling.  Many people tell me they feel closer to the sacred and that life is very precious.